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Thaao Hanshew
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2020-01-26 01:58 am

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-12-07 04:15 pm
Sooooooo I finished What She Knew last night or the other night or something I already forgot. Last night. So I'mma talk about it. I actually don't have a ton to say so I'm actually going to answer those "discussion question" things from the back LOL.

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Other than reading that, I've... done a lot of nothing. I trained up some Pokémon. I played Might No 9 a tiny bit. I've been doing a lot of KA -- I'm almost done with Algebra II.

I never ended up discussing what happened over thanksgiving and stuff and now it's too late for it honestly. I can't even remember most of what I wanted to say. The most notable thing was that I witnessed two other patrons doing explicitly sexual things in public (like, masturbating each other and stuff). But it seemed like no one noticed but me?? Or rather, probably, everyone was just as quiet about it as me because they weren't sure how to react. Well, I knew how to react for myself, but IDK how you would even start talking about that with random people around you. And I didn't want to tell my mom about it LOL. But they were hot and like... RIGHT in front of me, so I didn't mind watching. But overall that was a bad day for me, tons of anxiety and like two meltdowns lol.

At my doctor's appointment on Monday, I felt like the doctor is starting to grow tired of me? But it's probably just a feeling. Anyway, I'm still waiting to hear from an actual psychiatrist and my doctor signed me up for therapy, too. And prescribed me Prozac, so now I'm taking two antidepressants lol. I started taking the Prozac today. I have a little bit of headache sometimes -- not nearly as bad as when I started Wellbutrin, though. And feeling a bit jittery. And there's this like... feeling like... my heart... is vibrating? I don't really know how to explain it. It's a little concerning but at the same time maybe I'll have a seizure or something and die. So that would be nice LOL.

Also I tried this ginger Pepsi. It's so good. I wish they had it in like regular cans and stuff. But it's just in these little fancy cans that are expensive. I want like a crate of them.

Ummmmmm I don't know what else to say. I feel like I'm too jittery to play something like UNLIMITED:Saga. I don't even want to play Pokémon? I don't know what I want to do. Living is kind of tiresome lol. I want something nice to drink, really, but I don't have anything. Warm water. Some tea that is running out. That's about it. Would really like... like a ginger ale or something right now. 7up. Maybe a lemon soda. Something like that.

It's supposed to start snowing but? It hasn't?

Anyawy, yeah. Feeling too anxious to really do anything soooo I guess I'll just go.

Oh I wanted to talk about like... Magnolia Factory or something??? I forget. I really need to update here more. Also Joe Donnelly is still wonderful. John Gregg updating his facebook profile picture thing today, and it was flooded with comments of people mourning his loss of the governor's race lol. I did the heart-like reaction thing.

I'm thirstyyyyyyy

Maybe I should like... reread Hoawrds End or something. I've been wanting to for a while and I've actually found it kind of easier to read in general recently?

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-30 02:36 am

OK I ended up reading a lot today, it got hard to put down hahaha. And it was quiet and comfortable. I was just going to read a bit while I ate but I ended up reading like... about half of the whole book LOL.

Also I was talking to Dels about how I don't speculate about stuff as I read/watch/whatever it but... talking about it with others and thinking about what we'll talk about has caused me to actually speculate a lot?? I don't really think too much of it as I'm reading but in between the shifts of perspective or when I get up to go to the bathroom or have a drink or something, I think about a lot of things. And I'm trying to be analytical as I read and watch for "clues" because I want my original hypothesis to be wrong and if it was right I'd be pissed and then complain about how the story contradicted it XDDD

I'm on page 252 now, so tons of spoilers below the cut. And a lot happened so please don't read if you haven't gotten that far.

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-28 08:34 pm
ok so I guess LJ emails are going to my spam folder bc I essentially use them as alerts -- I get an email saying I have a comment or someone posted an entry and then I come check and delete the email without opening it. Even though I've marked them not as spam it keeps doing this sooo I didn't realize like there are 7 or so new posts waiting for me to read. I get SOME comments but not all ?? So yeah X_X I guess I'll need to start checking the actual site for notifications and new posts more. Sorry for not responding to your posts D:


Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-27 01:46 am
Ok so I have been meaning to recap my thanksgiving/ going to the colts game but I keep... Not... Doing that. I am on the toilet about to go to bed posting from my phone so not going to do it now.

I need to like... Expand the humpchart to include real people soon I guess??? But for now it will probably end up just being mostly politicians and athletes lol x.x

Anyway, I made a picspam post of Joe Donnelly smiling on tumblr and one of my friends that has an exclusively old man pics blog reblogged it and now it is making rounds through the old man admirer blogs (most of which contain like 80% porn) lolol. Poor Joe. It is funny though because they most reblog porn but they are willing to reblog just regular photos when they see someone this attractive I guess XD it will probably die down quickly but that would be cool if I somehow got JD popular in the like... Older man fetishm community LOLOL

(seriously tho, poor Joe... This was not my intent XD but at the same time I am glad there are other people who are seeing him and thinking "hell yeah" and re logging)

Autocorrect keeps changing it to "re logging" lol x.x

Anyway due to Bing points + online holiday sales I now have Mighty No 9 and Skyrim on Steam ❤ Tried Mighty and it seems promising. Very score-attack which is cool. Autocorrect is deleting Y when I put it after things like attack-y but without the hyphen.

Anyway, gotta go to bed XD

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-23 09:15 pm

So, I started reading this book called What She Knew as part of our little book club thing we made on facebook lol. I was only able to get through a bit of the beginning and then my dad came back from his... casino trip thing and has been blasting TV since he got back... I kinda forgot that this is a thing that is going to cause me to not be able to read, so I'll have to make sure to only read at night >_> I hope it doesn't make me too anxious about it since it's a "limited time" thing. I have a fan running and headphones on in my room but I can still hear the TV right now >_>

Anyway, some thoughts about the beginning of the book. I read the first 47 pages if you are worried about spoilers. We all have the same copy of the book so the page numbers should align XD

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But yeah I need to take a shower but I don't want to go out of my room because my dad is here but I know he won't ever go into his room and will probably fall asleep on his chair and have the TV blasting until like 3 or 4 in the morning? But I'm already getting tired and I'm very slimy and need to shower... and I need to go to the bathroom??? But I don't want to just sit in here all night X_X especially since I can't sleep like this... but I don't want to wait til like 4AM to go to the bathroom (I'll be too tired to shower then??) But like... I just... can't... go out there??????????????????????

Anxiety is fun ^_^ I might try to force it soon though. I also am very thirsty. There are like too many forces at work here... gotta pee, gotta drink, gotta shower... it might force me into going out of the room. It's also really warm in here and I'm sweating a lot?! I should open the window but then it will get freezing XD

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-22 03:38 pm

OK, so I haven't really been posting here the last few days? I think? Because new Pokémon came out XD I haven't been doing much of anything else. I've been making sure to do my KhanAcademy every day though as not to break my stream XD

And Imperial SaGa added a bunch of content and I missed the beginning of some of the events >_> I hope there's enough days left in the event to get all the daily login bonuses, at least. There are two events going on, one is a RSG2 story event, and the other is a Dragon's Dogma Online cross-promotion event. For the DDO promotion, there's just daily login bonuses... every other day is 100kr (!!) and the other days are promo characters of RSG characters in Dragon's Dogma cosplay/roles?

Here is Katalina *_* I think there's a Monica coming up too? I forget, I barely looked at it XD But once I saw the Katalina I was like "Oh, these are actually cool!!"

The characters are useless to me though so I'm just training them quickly and dumping them into jutsu facility lmfao XD But once you've obtained a character, you get them in your little character book thing so you can look at their artwork any time XD

So there are login bonuses for that AND the other event, which has 100kr on the first and last day (kinda common for events) and premium items on the other days (the common ones).

The event isn't really a great place to train and the event shop just has some nice axes but that's about it. So I'm not really bothering with it. Just want the login bonuses XD Might grind up enough to get the cheaper of the two axes at least, though, since I gotta train up these promo characters anyway.

They also added this new type of mission in addition to daily missions... basically it's all-time missions where you're rewarded for reaching certain milestones in the game. And most of them are retroactive, so when I logged in after the update, I got a TON of stuff. And most of the rewards are krowns (kr are the premium currency lol) so I now have enough kr to pay for two 11-man races (which is like... by far the most expensive thing you can spend kr on -- it's a character gacha that gives you 11 characters for the price of 10, and the rarity is always red or better). I'm gonna wait til there's a special gacha that gives only club characters OR they add UNLIMITED:Saga content and there's a series gacha for that, or if there's just some promoted-chance character that I really like ... but they'd probably have to also be useful to the team because at this point I'm kinda 'stuck' with how much I can advance without getting better characters of the highest rarity :\


I've been doing much of nothing but Pokémon lmao. It's really fun... I was not expecting it to be that great since the last two games kinda let me down and I felt like the series was going in a direction I didn't really like, but I feel like it kinda turned around with this one and so far it's been a really great experience. IDK if I'm enjoying it more because I was not hopeful so I didn't have anything to be disappointed about, or because it's actually just really really good. Probably a mix of both.

Almost all of the new Pokeys are super cool and I love them. There are several new bugs and bug-likes which is great. I haven't seen any new mustache pokeys though hahaha. Though the new Ratata kinda looks like it has a little mustache...

There's a lot of cool new features like PokePelago (basically a place to get idle rewards, which you can set up by adding your benched pokeys to it) and Festival Plaza (an place to interact with other players similar to Joint Avenue of BW2). There's also this thing now that wild pokeys will sometimes call for help, and another wild pokey will join the battle. This is usually just cute or useful but sometimes it's a huge pain. Basically since I realized that there are some pokeys you can only catch by having another pokey call them out for help... and some of them have a super rare appearance rate.

There's this one thing that eats Corsolas apparently (its name looks like Meanie so I'm just going to call it Meanie because I can't remember the actual name) and it seems to only appear when you are battling a Corsola and the Corsola calls for help... the Meanie might appear instead of another Corsola.

It took me about 30 minutes just to find one Corsola -_-; And then you have to hope it calls and the Meanie comes out!! They don't always call for help but they have a chance of doing it once per turn if they are alone on the battlefield. So it can happen I assume unlimitedly in a single battle, but... once I was battling a Bonsly to try to get a Sudowoodo to come out and I went through like 40 calls for help where Bonslys came out (and three Happinys...) and no Sudowoodo. Of course, I'm just ASSUMING that's how you find Sudowoodo... but all the other baby pokeys seem to call their parents (Pichu can call Pikachu, Magby can call Magmar, etc.)

I also think it's possible for Eevee to call Umbreon or Espeon... which the idea of catching a wild Espeon or Umbreon is just... so wild lol.

But yeah this feature is mostly cool but when you're trying to get a rare helper to 'drop' it's frustrating as hell -_- especially since the pokey that calls for them is already rare to encounter in the first place. And after a while into the battle they seem to stop wanting to call for help? I had an Eevee and threw one of those... annoying balls at it (IDK what it's called but it flusters them and makes them call for help more) and it called for like 4 helps but after that I went like 10 turns and it never called again?? Usually they call like... idk it seems like more than 50% of the time lol. But I think it might be a different rate per Pokémon, and I think some never call for help? IDK. I thought maybe the effect of the orb thing wore off, so I threw another and it said it had no effect. -_-; I need to buy more of those, too, because I'm out now. I waited to make sure I could get more before ever using them.

But yeah, another really cool new mechanic is Ride Pokémon, which is basically instead of getting Hidden Machines and being forced to teach your pokeys map skills, you now summon these like borrowed pokeys to use map skills, but you can also ride them around!! So like before you'd have to waste a move slot on one of your pokeys for busting rocks on the map. This was usable in battle but it was pretty weak. Most of the HM moves were not useful in battle. And you only get 4 moves per pokey... so when you need to give like 7 different map skills to your team... this gets frustrating fast. Plus you have to make sure your team even has pokeys that can learn the map skill. So you are pretty much forced to use something that can swim, something that can fly, etc. Really frustrated for a game that is all about having 800+ possible party members when you're forced into using ones from certain categories. I mean, you can get around wasting your moves/party members by having dedicated map skill pokeys, but then you'd have to go to a town to swap out your party every time you needed a map skill, then travel all the way back to where you needed it. Get like 40 minutes into a huge cave and realize you need to push a boulder but no one on your team can? Hahahahahaha fuck you.

So this new thing is that you get this like thing that calls "Ride Pokémon" to you, which are pokeys that don't battle but essentially are like vehicles you can summon at any time, and they have map skills. Like you first get a Tauros that can smash rocks. What's also cool is that they travel much faster than your run speed without you having to hold down a button (Tauros is kinda fast but SUPER fast if you press the run button, which is when it also crushes boulders). Riding them is really fun and it also gets rid of the need for a bicycle (I don't know if there is going to be a bike or anything in this game though).

My favorite Ride Pokémon is Stoutland, and not only because it's a giant dog with a huge mustache, but because it runs super fast (like as fast as Tauros while charging!) normally, and if you hold run button, he walks slow and can sniff out hidden items!! And they even use this in cute ways, like you can sniff in these holes and some Pokeys will pop out. I love it!

I have a Ride that lets me swim in the water (now called "paddling" instead of "surfing" XD) but I've also encountered some like... boulders that are blocking paths in the water so I guess either that pokey will get an upgrade later, or there will be a second pokey for swimming (maybe a Sharpedo? XD)

The fishing mechanic is different now, which is probably the most disappointing thing. Instead of getting different types of rods, there's now just one rod, and you can only fish in dedicated fishing holes. Each time you zone-in to an area, a specific fishing hole will have these like ripples coming out. If you fish there, you have a better chance of catching something other than Magikarp (otherwise you are pretty much just going to catch Magikarp...). And it's always the same hole every time. And you can still wind up with Magikarp X_x It's really annoying. So basically to catch a Pokémon in a cave, you have to run all the way out of the cave and back in, go to the fishing hole, fish ONCE, and hope you get the thing you wanted. But you still have like 40% chance of Magikarp or something, and if there's other things in that spot, you have to hope it's not those either. Once you have fished in a rippling spot, you have to zone out to get it to ripple again X_X; And if you approach it too quickly or accidentally get too close to it, the ripple goes away, too. So you have to be careful not to mess that up. Overall the fishing is a huge pain.

Pokémon Amie (the thing in the last two games that let you pet your Pokémon to raise their affection) got a sort of upgrade with the new Pokémon Refresh. Gone are the minigames you could play with your Pokémon to increase their enjoyment. I miss the minigames because I really liked them (especially the berry-picker one). But the way it was designed, you could max out your Pokémon's affection all at once (even though it took a while), because feeding a pokey would lower its enjoyment and playing a minigame would lower its fullness so you could just do them back and forth, making to pet them in between, and get to max affection. Max affection gives you bonus EXP, and chance of critical hit or evasion when you should have had none, or recover from status effects out of nowhere, stuff like that.

Anyway, the new version has all the same petting features from before... you still get to pet them and feed them treats (now "beans" instead of the ... pokepuffs or whatever the last ones were called... treats seem to change with every game XD) and watch them eat and stuff and it's very cute and fun. But now their hunger and enjoyment only go down over time and with battles. So you can't just do it all at once. But the new feature is that sometimes after battles, you'll get a 'care' request thing. And you can click it and it will take you to Refresh, where your Pokémon will have a problem and you can groom them or clean them. For example, if they have lint caught in their fur/feathers you can comb it out. Or if there's mud you can wipe them with a towel. There's a hairdryer for when they get wet, and a brush for when they are caked in dirt. Doing these care things will grant you extra affection without raising the enjoyment (which is now raised just by petting), so you can get more affection. Petting won't increase affection while enjoyment is full (and they won't eat treats when their hunger is full), so this is the only way to get extra affection. Plus it's very cute and fun. Also there's a medicine swab that will cure status effects! So no need to waste your berries or items to heal status outside of battle (you still can/should use them during battle, of course).

There's a new café feature that seems mostly just for fun, a lot like the café from Animal Crossing. Basically you can go to a café and order a drink and the barista will chat with you and tell you some lore about the game or just say cute things. There's a lot of different drinks and he'll tell you about the drinks too. Different cafes seem to have different drinks and they might change per day too? Anyway, once per day when you visit a café, you'll get a complimentary biscuit (treats that were a signature from previous games, like Lava Cookie) and beans. Beans are the treats you give in Pokémon Refresh and once you can go to PokePelago you can use them there, too.

PokePelago is another new feature which I really like. I said before but it's basically an idle area of the game that you can check on sometimes, and set up to work how you want it. It's a series of islands you can develop to do different things using the pokeys that are not in your party. When you first start, there's just an island for farming beans. There's a big beanstalk you can shake and beans fall out. Your benched pokeys will play on the island all day and sometimes gather beans. You can also put beans in a basket which will make the pokeys happier and increase their chance of finding beans or even finding playmates, which are wild pokeys who will join you if they enjoy playing with your pokeys on the island (!!!). So basically you can catch Pokémon and farm beans idly with this!!

You can spend beans to develop the islands, upgrading the ones you already use or developing unused ones into usable ones. I have all the islands now I think but most are at the lowest level. You also have to have a certain number of pokeys in your box before you can develop certain islands. I spent like 30 hours focusing on catching various pokeys in the beginning so I have a lot and was able to build all the islands. But I can't upgrade them all yet because I need more pokeys and more beans.

The second island you get is for growing berries (yay!) which is always one of my favorite things. Sadly it takes a lot of fun out of growing berries, unless it gets more interesting later. You pretty much just plant and wait, and your pokeys tend to the fields. I think giving them beans just makes them harvestable faster. Before, in some games, you could make fertilizers, plant them in formations to try to get hybrids, and had to water them yourself. It was a lot more work and dedication but I thought it was really fun. Now it's just... this. But still, it's growing berries which I love XD

The next island is a treasure cave island. You can basically just send your pokeys on an adventure into the cave, and they'll come back out with items. I think one expedition takes 24 hours. Not anything all that amazing, but it's free idle items, so that's cool. The bean basket probably just makes it go faster? Though like 20 hours instead of 24 seems pointless haha. Maybe it makes them get rarer items or more items or something? IDK, I just got it today.

Another island is a training island. Basically you can leave pokeys here to level up or EV train idly! You actually pick the pokeys for this one (the other ones seem to be populated with just whatever you have not in your party) and let them play on the island, and the island caretaker provides them with juice that helps them grow in a certain way, and you choose the juice. So like if you choose EXP juice, all the pokeys playing on the island will gain EXP idly. Really nice for developing all those pokeys that you want to evolve for their dex entries but don't plan on using in your party. So I have 6 in there right now. I think each time you upgrade the island you can have a new set of six, and then you can choose different juice for each set, too.

The last island I can remember (I think this is all but idk) is a relaxation island Basically it's just a hot springs for your pokeys to relax in. You can choose which 6 pokeys to send on vacation here, too. It seems like all it does is raise their happiness. So I put in a bunch of pokeys that evolve by being happy, like Bonsly, Eevee, and Zubat.

The islands are just little single-screen things you look at and can touch with your touch screen, rather than being like in-game areas you walk around in. The little menu sprites of the pokeys are what appears on the screen, and you can poke them with your stylus to see them close-up and view their summary if you want. Overall it's VERY cute and very useful.

I also mentioned the Festival Plaza which I loooooooooove. I loved the Joint Avenue from BW2. I think Joint Avenue was a bit cooler in theme, but it seems this one is better overall maybe. Joint Avenue was a big tunnel that you got to develop into a shopping mall, and it was an actual area in the game world. Every time you interacted with people using multiplayer version, they'd become an NPC visit your Avenue, and they could set up a shop there if you wanted them to. Different players would host different shops, and you could level them up by introducing other players to the shop. As you leveled up your shop, you also leveled up your Avenue and got more features for it.

Festival Plaza is like this, but it's not an area in the game world itself (you just kind of... warp there from the menu and there's no real indication where this is supposed to be lol), and instead of a shopping mall, it's a festival with stalls (which is only different in aesthetics). Now to get new shops, you sometimes will be introduced to them through the festival king or whatever when your plaza levels up.

This is a little sad because it means you just get shops at random, and the NPCs running the shops are just generic NPCs. before, it would be the people you interacted with in multiplayer, so you could have shops run by all your friends. Now, your friends just hang around as visitors. The shops also don't level up, you have to hope you roll a better version of a shop X_x; There might be a way to level them up later, though. Joint Avenue continued to add new features/abilities as you played and leveled up your avenue, and my plaza is only level 15 or so. You can get it to over 100 I think?

Now you get Festival Coins that you can spend at the stalls, instead of just using regular money. And your visitors will randomly want to interact and you'll get FC for interacting with them. most of the time, they will ask you to recommend a shop, and you'll have to guess where they want to go based on the clue they give (I want to go somewhere Pokémon can play -> Take them to haunted house or bounce house lol). Sometimes they'll just want to tell you about their accomplishments (I caught 33 Pokémon in one day!) or ask you questions about yourself, which will fill in entries on your profile (they get deep like how do you interpret love or whatever LOL it's weird). Most of the time it's just free FC, but sometimes they'll ask to be taken to a shop and say "guess what I want" or something and you have no idea what they want and if you take them to the wrong shop, you won't get anything. And sometimes they want to be introduced to another visitor that has a certain ranking. This is kind of confusing to explain but basically all of your visitors have a 'ranking' in each area of the game (and there are a ton, like catching rating, battling rating, fishing rating, etc.) and then all of your visitors are organized into a sort of leaderboard for each one, and the people will get mad and not give you FC if they ask to be introduced to another visitor with a certain rank or whatever and you don't pick someone with a high rank or in the top of the leaderboards or whatever? And you can't really see their individual rankings at the time of choosing who to introduce and it's like... how are you even going to memorize all that... especially since the people you don't mark as VIP will change out regularly so it's always different...

ANYWAY, introducing people to shops doesn't seem to level them up :\ But as I've leved up my plaza, I've gotten new abilities, like now I can ask people to recommend shops to me, and it seems like they will tell you a random shop they have in their plaza, and you can choose to host it in your own plaza, too. So if you sat around and asked people all the time, you might find some good shops. If it's like Joint Avenue, there will be exclusive shops to each version of the game, so you'll need to probably ask people who have different versions, too...

Another feature I got was to ask people about fashion and THIS IS THE BEST FEATURE lmfao. Basically you can ask people about their outfit and they can let you get clothing items from them. This is great because clothing store inventory seems bad?? And there are clothing items exclusive to each game... and clothing is kind of expensive in general. But I love dressing up the character XD So I really like this.

There's also this new thing called "Missions" which ... are kinda dumb but somehow very fun. Basically you get these "Festival Tickets" which let you host a mission, or you can join other people's mission. A mission is like... a little minigame where you run through your plaza and you have a limited time to talk to the NPCs and try to get... correct answers. Depending on the mission, what this means will be different. For example, there's one called "(Language) Lesson" where you have to run around and only talk to people who speak a certain language (they'll have a little bubble above their head that says Hello / Goodbye / Thank You in their language). If you talk to the correct people you'll get points, and if you talk to the wrong people, they'll tell you how stupid you are and how disappointed they are in you and it will take a long time and waste your time and you get no points. Another example is "Type Matchup Mission" where you have to run around and talk to everyone, and they'll tell you a Pokémon type, and you have to choose a move type that would be super-effective against that type. Choose wrong and they tell you how stupid you are and how disappointed they are LOL. These are fun because they are worth more FC overall. Another one I've seen is type enthusiasts, where you'll get a theme like "find bug enthusiasts" and it's like the language one where they'll have a bubble that says "I love (Pokémon name)!" and you only talk to the ones who love Pokémon of the theme type. ANYWAY you get a lot of FC potentially for doing these. You'll get ranked from 1 to 5 stars based on your score, and then there's a group rating from 0 to 5 stars based on everyone's combined score. You get FC for each star. Some missions don't pay a lot, but the type matchup one is 5FC per star, which is the most I've seen, and if you play on your own it's not hard to get 25FC from getting 5 stars. And if other people join you'll probably get at least one group star, so that's 30FC. I haven't seen more than like 2 group stars though... it seems really hard to get?

Anyway, you can spend the FC at the shops and so it's actually a useful place and not just a "look at all the interactivity!" place. Here's examples of some shops and what they do:

Restaurant - Take your Pokémon for a meal and boost their base stats depending on the meal type
Haunted House - Pokémon finds a random item while challenging the ghost house
Lottery Corner - Get a random item every day, potential to get super rare items
Goody Shop - Buy bundles of useful items instead of money
Dye Shop - Turn white clothing into colored clothing

There are other kinds, too, and there are variations on the shops, like different restaurants with different types of meals, or dye shops that specialize in certain colors. There are also different NPCs that can run them. I like when I get the male veterans because they're hot daddy types XD

But yeah I spent way too long explaining that O_o

There's another new battle mode called Battle Royal (not Royale lmao) which the game literally describes as a "Pokémon Foursome." In this four players each battle each other at once, and once one player runs out of pokeys in their party, the players are ranked based on how many kills they got and top player wins the Royal. Seems fun but I haven't really had a chance to try it yet. Seems like it would be hard to develop a decent strategy for it? You'd want Pokémon that can take a beating as well as Pokémon that can go fast... but those things are usually mutually exclusive qualities XD

Another interesting thing about the game is that the idea of a gym challenge is gone. Now you have these ... trial challenge things instead. It's similar to the idea of gyms, but also quite different. Basically, on each island, you have a series of trials you must undergo (basically like little subquests) before you can challenge the Kahuna of the island, who is kinda like a gym leader. While gyms did kind of function as little subquests with puzzles and stuff before, trials seem a bit more elaborate (well, at least aesthetically) and can contain entire dungeons or minigames. And at the end of trials, you fight a Totem Pokémon which is not really like a gym leader at all. Basically the trials/kahunas are the main storyline instead of the gym challenge. I don't know if there's an "elite four" or whatever at the end (I'm trying to stay largely unspoiled XD) so I don't know what happens after all of this. But I do know that the main story revolves around taking the island challenge where you go to all 4 islands and complete the trials and face the Kahunas. There are also these like island guardian deity things of each island? Like they are special pokeys and apparently finishing the challenge at the island pleases them or something. I'm guessing this will work into the story later.

The first Kahuna is a part of the storyline from the beginning and he has a big belly and a big white mustache:

And basically is quite lovely. One of your friends who is also taking the challenge with you is his son? Grandson? I forget. He calls him "tutu" which I think is a Hawaiian word that is like an affection term for grandparents? So I guess it's grandson. There are a lot of Hawaiian words in this game lol. I'm learning things!

As for the story, I like it so far but the kind of 'main plot' has not really been revealed. Generally in Pokey you have some kind of like individual goal you're trying to accomplish of becoming a champion/taking a gym/trial challenge, and then there's like a plot involving other characters that unfolds as you proceed through that. It's still very mysterious at this point, though.

You have two friends who travel around with you, Hau (the grandson kid from before) who is also taking the challenge, and is super hyper and obsessed with eating malasada. And then Lillie who I LOVE LOVE LOVE and is super mysterious and cute. She protects this weird special Pokémon that she carries in her bag, and some bad people seem to be after it? And she hates Pokémon battles because Pokémon can get hurt and her Pokémon doesn't even know one move (which is, gameplay-wise, impossible XD) and you kind help her out as you travel around, too. She's super cute and I love this little trio of friends. Since the 3rd generation of games, the cast has revolved around a little group of friends that are all on their quests together but for different reasons. Usually there's some kind of friendly rival with a similar goal to you, and then other kid or kids who have other goals and are traveling, and they're all really cool and cute. I really like Hau and Lillie, especially Lillie.

Also Lillie seems relevant to the main plot because they put so much mystery into her Pokémon, and then the game's opening cutscene was just her running away from people who were like... attacking her or something?

Also there's a 'bad group' called Team Skull who... I have no idea what their purpose is yet (they just seem like a petty gang at this point -- stealing and stuff), and there's another like "good group" called Aether, which has member Colress from BW2 (!!!) and they seem to be a scientific research group that's also dedicated to righting Team Skull's wrongs.

However, I'm a little suspicious of them, because I feel like the people chasing Lillie in the opening cutscene were Aether people? But that was so long ago, and you don't actually learn about Aether until way later. It's also interesting though because the Professor and other 'good' characters seem to be very trusting and involved with helping Aether, and the professor's wife is even an Aether researcher. And Lillie seems to be okay with being around Aether people so maybe I'm just remembering it wrong XD I just remember the opening having lots of white.

Anyway I love Lillie and the characters so far and can't wait to see what happens. Aether and Skull seem interesting and I want to know more about them. The Team Skull lackeys are cute and I love their O_O faces they make when you say shocking things. There's also a running gag that no one takes them seriously and it's so cute and funny. Like they'll do something that should be very threatening or alarming and everyone is just like "Oh it's just Team Skull" and goes about their business LOL.

The only complaint I really have about the game so far is that the areas are quite small. This is only a half complaint, though, because despite being small, they feel very 'alive.' So there's a lack of exploration over a large physical area, but the bits you get to explore are very interesting. But many areas are disappointingly small and I am left feeling very unaccomplished afterward. Generally every dungeon and path in the game so far you can travel from one end to the other in like 10 seconds at the most, with a little handful of off-the-path stuff to 'explore' but there's really not any exploration there. It's just "oh look, an item off to the side" or "I can fish here" or "If I step off the road here, there's a place to look for Pokémon." I haven't felt like I really have been able to explore anywhere yet.

Being said, though, I've had a lot of fun trying to find all the Pokémon as I try to fill the Pokedex despite all that. I feel like going through the areas the first time, everything seems so small, but when going back and trying to fill the dex, it's like all the areas combine into one giant explorable area. I guess because you're not seeing them as tiny areas between two checkpoints/story events/whatever, but as one big area.

And the only new feature I'm not impressed with is the camera thing. Pretty much it's a super watered-down Pokémon Snap. There are like 'hotspots' for taking pictures, and if you get your 'camera' thing out there, you'll be able to take a picture of that limited area. You can't even move around, just turn a little. There will be a Pokémon there wandering around, and basically you just keep your camera zoomed in on it and wait for it to face you and do a special animation, which can take forever, and then take pictures. No other way to interact, just waiting and snapping. As you level up your camera, you get... better zoom. That's it LOL.

After you take six pictures, you can submit one to upload online (not IRL, like ... a fake in-game "online") and you'll get 'likes' on it (which are just like... a scoring system). So like you submit a picture and you'll get like 2953 likes or something. Once you've gotten a certain total number of likes, your camera gets upgraded. That's it. There are no rewards for doing this other than upgrading the camera? And the pictures you take you can save to your SD card but they are boring and the quality is horrible (like I think they get resized to like 160x90 pixels for the thumbnail or something and then scaled back up from the thumbnail so your pictures are like ridiculously grainy and ugly and have like compression fragments everywhere??? it's absurd) so like there's literally no point to this feature other than the feature itself. And it's not all that cute? Like most of the Pokémon do NOTHING but walk around slowly, and now and then like... jump and smile or something? Some don't even do ANYTHING but like wander in circles. And it takes a ridiculous amount of likes to level up your camera later, like... generally with the L4 zoom, I can get on average pictures with like 1,000 to 2,500 likes. The BEST pictures can get around 5,000-7,000 likes (and I got one with 11,000 like once) but these require 1. a rare Pokémon appear and 2. spending like 5 whole minutes trying to get a good shot of it. And you need 1,500,000 likes to get to the next level of camera................ So this is an obnoxious and annoying feature. If the Pokémon did a variety of cute things or were more interactive or if you got some kind of rewards to use outside the camera minigame, it would be cool. But it just feels so pointless, but I feel compelled to level up the camera because it's THERE, which is annoying lol.

Anyway, that's how I feel about new Pokey. I think I have around 40 hours in the game already (got it on Friday lol) and my team is a little over level 30 each. I named all my Pokeys after US Senators from Indiana (this theme came from the fact that I wanted to name my starter pokey "Donnelly" lol shoot me). There are only 5 current or former US Senators from Indiana that are still alive with unique names (there are actually 6 but two have the same name lol) so for the 6th one I chose Harrison (for Benjamin Harrison) since he became president, and he was elected into the Senate at the same time James Garfield became president, who rivals Ulysses Grant as my fav historical president.

The namesakes with the pokeys that are named that:

Joe Donnelly: Decidueye (Grass/Ghost owl that looks like it's wearing a hooded cape thing, SO COOL, I think it's not supposed to be dead but more like a necromancer?!)

Dan Coats: Grimer (new Poison/Dark form of Grimer that looks like radioactive and super toxic, I love it)

Evan Bayh: Ribombee (BUG/FAIRY it's based on a bee fly and is super cute and has the coolest new move I've seen)

Richard Lugar: Charjabug (Bug/Electric bus. It's literally a bus. I love it tho.)

Dan Quayle: Lurantis (Grass type that imitates a bug appearance. Basically a big plat flower thing that looks like a mantis, super cool and it's like pink and white theme!)

Benjamin Harrison: Araquanid (Water/Bug super sexy giant underwater spider thing like I can't even explain how awesome this thing is it's like 5'11' and drowns Pokémon with its face bubble head thing and like... wow)

^ Though of all arachnid-themed Pokémon this is probably the least sexy. But uh... Ariados and Galvantula are just... GUHH

I might change some out later in the game if I find something even cooler, but I really love all of these. But I mean like you're limited to the pokeys you can find in one area at the beginning, so I have all these early-game pokes. So who knows what I'll find. I found this thing called Wimpod that is so cute but I accidentally made it run away and now it won't come back ;n; but I'm guessing it comes back once a day or something idk???

SO THAT'S MY POKEY STUFF. Gonna go back to playing now lol.

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-15 08:07 pm

So quite often I get people like "oh hey I bet you would like this guy" and showing me some santa-claus-looking bubble head with a full beard that takes away from what should be a maybe-decent mustache and I'm like wow thanks for not understanding me in the slightest.

So I want to talk about a few very important features that make someone more attractive to me. I also want to say that mustaches are a special exception and pretty much a mustache alone makes someone attractive but mustache means MUSTACHE and not beard or general facial hair JUST SOLO MUSTACHES so please stop showing me people with things other than solo mustaches and saying CHECK OUT THIS MUSTACHE because THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN BY MUSTACHE PLEASE PLEASE STOP

So let's talk about face shape. I pretty much exclusively like rectangle-heads, and anyone who is a rectangle is probably going to be attractive. But "rectangle" is kind of a vague thing so I want to explain exactly what I mean by rectangle.

Look at these examples. These are rectangles. Nice, long rectangles. There are a few key elements here:

Firstly, it is a LONG rectangle. The height must be pretty long in proportion to the width. Generally, a h:w ratio of around 1.9 is ideal. The closer you get to h:w = 1, the more it is a square. And the closer to square, the less I'm going to like it. LONG RECTANGLE HEADS ONLY.

Secondly, the features need to actually fill the rectangle. You can draw a rectangle over literally any face, but if there's lots of gaps, that's not a rectangle head. If you look at the examples above, the green areas are the only parts that are not filled in with features. This means to qualify as rectangle head you must have a pretty wide jaw/chin. Pointy faces are NO. Also weird egg heads and pear heads and stuff that leave gaps other places are bad, too.

And thirdly, the features have to be blocky and long, too, to not distract from the overall rectangle shape. NO BUBBLY, PUFFY, SWOLEN, ETC.-LOOKING FEATURES. Features that contribute to length are good. Basically they should look like a literal block of stone or look like their face is melting off and then I'm probably good lol.

As an aside, this is probably part of why I'm into older men and baldies more often. Bald and receding hairlines means there's more height to the rectangle, and loose skin generally fills in the gaps of the rectangle. In the image above, the yellow outline is probably where Gregg's face outline would be if you started from a normal hairline placement and didn't account for the saggy face. Saggy face is sexy lmao.

Anyway, let's go on to talk about noses. People always show me these circle heads with these stubby wide noses with no length to them at all. Basically tall noses are better... again the more things look vertically stretched, the better. Button noses and pig noses are NG.

Here is Joey Bosa's nose. This is example of an average/decent nose. First of all, it's huge. Huge is always good. The more space a nose takes up in general, the better. Anyway, profile shape of nose is very important. From the front it's more just important that it's long, though I do have preferences in shapes but they're not nearly as important as profile.

Basically, cast a ray from the top of the bridge toward the tip (red line in the imagine above) and cast a ray from the furthest back part of the bottom of the nose following the direction of the septum (blue line above). The two rays should eventually meet at a point.

What we're looking for here is the length of the line segments from the point of intersection in these rays to each respective ray's origin. The longer each of these segments, the sexier the nose. To be clear, this is including the "pink" parts above (even though they're outside the actual physical range of the nose). LONGER LINES = ALWAYS BETTER. NO QUESTIONS.

Also, if you drop a line from the very tip of the nose (furthest point from the face) that perpendicularly bisects the blue line, then measure the difference between that point of intersection to the place where the nasal septum and philtrum meet, you'll get the green line. The longer this is, the better, too, but it's of secondary importance to the red and blue lines.

Also, Bosa's nose is very triangle which is good but not ideal. I'm perfectly fine with triangle noses and giant triangles are very welcome and very hot.

Before we go into better noses I want to show an example of a bad nose and explain another important concept that doesn't exist in a triangle nose.

This is Pat McAfee's nose which is Very Bad.

Because of the angle of the nose, the red and blue lines don't get to be very long. Look at that tiny green segment, too. But more importantly is the angle created where the green meets the blue.

Basically, this NEEDS to be an obtuse angle, or have a measure of π radians. If not, the nose is most likely ruined. It can only be saved by a huge amount of surface area and a giant purple region (which I'll explain next). An easier way to understand this is just that the tip of the nose needs to be lower than the point where the septum meets the philtrum, or basically the nose needs to 'angle down.' The blue line should have a negative slope when the profile is viewed from the right.

Here's an example of a much better nose. Very long red and blue. Very long green. And the angle created from green-meets-blue is obtuse. Very nice. Also important, now, is to look at the region of the nose that is visible above the red line. This purple-shaded region is pretty much just bonus sex appeal, and the more of it, the hotter the nose.

If you're curious what a perfect nose looks like, here's Mehmet Ozyurek, the world record for biggest nose lmao.

Since most of that was stupidly mathematical, here's a more layman's way to understand it:

longer/taller = better
sticks out from face more = better
points downward = better
larger hook = better
bigger in general = better

points up = worse
smaller = worse

All kinds of noses are great, though, in general but basically no up-pointing noses and no small noses and no noses that are only wide with no other redeeming attributes.

Lastly, I want to talk about mustache. Like I said before, only solo mustache counts as mustache. ONLY SOLO MUSTACHE COUNTS AS MUSTACHE. I can't believe how many times people have shown me full beards and been like "ooh look a mustache I bet you like it" and I'm like what the hell is wrong with you. Or even worse, a circle beard???? Vomit.

Anyway, here's examples of good mustaches. Just two because honestly I love all mustaches but I want to explain one important concept. But I also just want to show two of my favorites and honestly they're like the most common, "plain" mustaches which is good. You don't have to show me some like giant handlebar thing (though I love those too).

Important to note here is that it follows the shape of the mouth, and the red part makes it into a rough trapezoid shape. Most important thing here is that it starts at the corners of the mouth and not below that. I generally call this trapezoid shape as "painter" and it's one of my favorites.

This one is a bit different, and instead of a trapezoid it makes this chevron shape. I'm a sucker for the chevron and I will love anyone with this mustache no questions asked. Again, note that it begins at the corners of the mouth.

This is the most important part. The hair past the corners of the mouth is part of the beard, and if they are incorporated it's already taking away from the mustache. Mustache only includes the hair above the lip, from one corner to the other. NO OTHER HAIR ON THE FACE IS INCLUDED. When you include that part below the corners of the mouth (connectors) it becomes a 'pornstache" and looks gross and I don't really like it and it's not a true mustache. It's okay sometimes but most of the time I don't like it.

And it's okay if the hair GROWS longer than this point -- walrus mustaches are hot as hell, and manchus are pretty nice most of the time.

And I don't care if it's scraggly or trashy or whatever, if it's a mustache, I'm turned on. There is literally no exception to this rule lol.

Also 'small' mustaches (pencil, pyramid, toothbrush) are extremely hot and I pretty much get aroused just seeing them, even though I didn't use any examples here because they're not nearly as common and everyone associates toothbrush with Hitler so whatever. (John Steinbeck in the 'rectangle head' picture above though has a fantastic mustache, Vincent Prince always wore a super hot pyramid, etc.)

Now, there are other facial hair styles that I like quite a bit (friendly burns are good, van dyck is good... horseshoe is okay, and full beards are always nice, especially long ones). But the only time I'm GUARANTEED to like it is when it's a mustache. And if you show me anything other than a mustache and call it a mustache or expect me to like it because it involves a technical mustache, I'm going to be secretly judging you. And not in a good way.

And I know I only showed simple examples, but elaborate or decorative staches are okay. English is one of my favorite styles (where the tips extend straight outward), even ridiculously long ones, like George Haskins III:

Which honestly I'd let him do anything he wanted to me because look at that. Also note he has a kind of rounded and closer to h:w=1 head lmao. I don't care because mustache trumps everything. By definition, Haskins hotter than literally anyone without a mustache no matter how many other standards they meet. Mustache is #1.

And I can't stress this enough. ONLY true, solo mustaches count. ONLY.

Some other things I'll immediately find attractive are laugh lines, big eyebrows, bald heads (especially with the side hair lmao), crows' feet, and long ears. Also glasses.

Things that immediately are unattractive are any kind of round, soft features, especially ones that have a bubbly/puffy appearance. Basically, features need to look blocky and look like they are struggling with their battle with gravity.

In reality I like a huge variety of people but these are just the things that pretty much guarantee I'll find someone attractive so if you're showing me something and saying "I bet you'll like them" that means you're assuming that they have features that I find it difficult to not find attractive, so they BETTER MEET THESE STANDARDS. Also even though I've said it many times throughout this post, if you show me something and say 'look at this mustache' and it's not a true mustache I'm going to be offended and unreasonably angry with you so DON'T DO THAT TO ME EVER.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this lesson and now maybe all of you can have better taste and learn how to like properly attractive melty rectangles with massive honkers. And of course mustache.



Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-15 04:40 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-14 03:15 pm

Well, our subadventuring continues finally! I haven't really played in a couple weeks because of Things™ but I ended up playing some tonight. And I did the Abandoned Castle subadventure. I feel like this one really deserves its own entry, because it's pretty interesting, one of my favorites, but also one of the most obnoxiously designed, and there's a lot to say about it.

hee hee hee hee heeCollapse )

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-12 05:13 pm

So, I haven't really updated here in a while so I guess I should.

Things are things. Life has been a bit of a wild ride because of the election and everything. Lots of anxiety to be had.

Otherwise, I don't have too much to report. I've bene playing Imperial SaGa and that's about it? I had a lot of things to say about it but it's all old news now and I don't feel like it XD And no one knows this game anyway so...

I also have been streaming the original Harvest Moon lmao. I got married to Maria (you can abuse an oversight in the game to get married pretty early in the game) and am working on filling up my barn with cows. Right now I have no cows lol. But I'm making a lot of money with corn and tomatoes in the summer, so hopefully I can fill the whole place up and then use that for my income throughout the rest of the year. Fall focuses on foraging, I think, but you're still pretty limited in how much you can do.

Other than that I don't think I've done much? I haven't worked on my tutorial thing or anything T_T Some people in stream have been asking me if I'm ever going to teach Japanese/make Japanese tutorials so I'm thinking about starting on that, too. And maybe I'll even start my math tutorial series...? I was thinking if I made a tutorial for one subject a day, and then dedicated one day to a definite stream, I'd be able to work on all three tutorials and stream during my weekdays. Then with dens on the weekend I can do other stuff like drawing or working on game or whatever. Or just doing nothing. IDK.

I still don't know if I really want to start the math tuts right now though. So I think I'll just create the grammin and JP ones for now...

I should probably like... designate days or something to do them or like set reminders... not that I'll forget but that it's so easy to just end up sitting and doing nothing all day every day.

I uninstalled a bunch of games from Steam and cleared up like 50GB of space lol. But now I hardly have any games installed. Then I installed DiRT3 to try it but I'll prolly uninstall it later XD

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-09 10:47 am
I'm worried about my disabled, older, or chronically ill friends, family, and neighbors who have to live their coming days worried about losing their only access to health care or having its cost skyrocket, threatening their well-being and even their lives.

I'm worried about the women of America under the threat losing the rights to make choices about their own bodies and their own health, who are also dealing with an unprecedented level of social acceptance toward sexual harassment and violence against women.

I'm worried about my non-white and LGBT friends, family, and neighbors who have to live with the threat of a spike in hate crime like what happened in post-Brexit UK, and what historically always happens after sociopolitical climate shifts like this, especially here, with the rich diversity of Indianapolis that happens to be surrounded by... the rest of Indiana, which is mostly bigots and the KKK with gun fetishes.

I'm worried about the livelihood of Americans and their families in Mexico whose economy is already rapidly declining, who have to worry about the safety of migrants in their family, who have to worry about the threat of difficulty of travel between Mexico and the US increasing and decreasing their ability to be with their own families.

I'm worried about the future of the native people of this country, the true Americans, who have more right to this land and their livelihoods than anyone else here, but are still fighting the tail-end of their genocide, who now have to deal with a shift in power during important battles for the little rights they have left.

I'm worried about queer people who finally got the chance to start families who are now sitting under the looming threat of their families being torn apart by law, and who are under threat of an increase of laws not only allowing but encouraging and promoting discrimination against their families.

I'm worried about everyone outside of America who is going to be affected by the changing global economy and political climate.

I realize a lot of this is 'worst-case scenario' stuff, but it's also very real threats that people can't ignore, unless they're in a position of luxury to not have to deal with it themselves. Even if somehow everything works out for everyone, people are living in fear right now, and that is not right.

As someone with the privilege of being able to avoid a lot of these problems personally, I want to do something to help, but I don't know what I can do but sit around wrought with anxiety...

At least behind the unnerving threat of incoming fascism in our culture, there is also an uprising of people wanting change, people fighting back, the voice of a social revolution.

For now... just... please be safe, everyone.


Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-08 09:16 am

Will my disabled and ill friends (any myself) continue to have access to health care? Will people of color be able to feel safe living in their own homes and neighborhoods? Will established families have their livelihoods torn apart by law? Will Hoosier kids finally get access to decent public education?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Overproud and Undereducated: How Bad Will Americans Fuck Up This Time!!! Coming to you tonight at 6/5c


Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-06 01:17 am

So I had another dream lol. This one was not nearly as long or involved, but basically Dens had decided to run for some kind of office so we were in some like... government building thing idk. It was in Ohio, too, lol. I have a lot of dreams that take place in Ohio.

Anyway, I was just kind of tagging along and he did all the things he needed to do to like... apply to run or whatever, and then left but I... stayed there?? And was like... playing 3DS or on my phone or something and like... said I was going to follow soon but then never left and it ended up being like the middle of the night and I was locked inside the building??

Anyway, I had this like... portfolio thing full of documents that ... belonged somewhere in the building and I had just been like... borrowing it? But now because I had kept it too long, it was considered stolen.

So uh, the document-seeking dogs were coming after it LOL and like, they started to come around the corner one by one, like scary Dobermans... it was like a horror film XD there were four of them. And I was like "Oh, yeah, it was an accident guys, don't worry. I'll bring it back now." LOL like I was just talking to them XDD And then one like bit my hand but not like... attacking but like... to try to pull me along, like it didn't hurt, just like... lightly chewed on my hand and kinda tugged at me XD And I was like "OK OK calm down I am coming" XD

And then they took me to this office with this guy who looked like the mustache-version of Commander Grant that I did the art of in the last post. And like, He was wearing a pink shirt and tie (the shirt was pink; I don't remember the tie color but I think like silver XD) and omfggggggg he was the hottest person ever XD

And I apologized and gave them the documents and he laughed and said he'd escort me out (since I was still locked in the building). And so we went to leave and when we got back to the like weird lobby area (it looked more like... some kind of modern hipster office rather than a government building honestly) where I had been sitting and playing games when the dogs came, I like... stopped and was like "I know this is really weird, but I just have to say I think you're extremely attractive???"

And then like as I was saying that like... his friend came around the corner who was like this chubby guy who was going to let me out, like I guess he was the guy with the keys idk. And I was like omg why did I say it when this person was coming D:

And then the guy just like laughed again or whatever and was like "What do you want me to kiss you or something?" and I was like ?!?!?!?!?!?!

And then he just like... kinda grabbed me and like... was like licking on my neck and stuff? And I was like ... freaking out and melting LOL but then he like started doing it to the other guy too and I was like omfg what is even going on??

And then I woke up LOL

Today we went to like 6 different stores and I was dying. I even told Dens to leave me alone for the first time ever lol. Like... not in a mean-sounding way like that LOL but like I never say anything when I need space even though he's very smothering, but today I was like "I don't mean this in a bad way but I really need some time alone right now" lol. And he was cool about it thankfully so yay. Recently he's been really supportive ??? Of my like... mental health, I guess. Like... I don't really want to go into why this is different/important because it's frustrating/sad and I guess if you've read every single entry here you probably get it but like yeah It's very good lol.

I've been playing Imperial SaGa again because someone was talking about it on GameFAQs (like, someone actually posting on the imsaga board XD) and like... I remember why I quit LOL. Because I just have a million stupid tedious things I need to get done but I also get super addicted to the game and don't want to do anything else because I feel like I "have" to get stuff done in the game.

Because I hadn't played in a while, I had kinda accumulated a bunch of like... event tickets and stuff, so I got a ton of free characters. I almost got RSG3 Herman but I didn't get him X_X But he was in the race and looked like he was gonna win XD (Like, you get characters through a gacha/random draw, and like... they run a little race and you recruit the winner XD)

BUT I did get Nise-Robin

So I am very happy about that XD Not only is he a fat character but he's a fat middle-aged mustache character. And surprisingly popular??? Well, I think because the whole Robin thing is just really funny and memorable part of RSG3. They even made like... an animated music video thing of that scene LOL (Which also means that they gave Nise-Robin a voice ... a singing voice XDD And he has that kind of deep glottal voice that I like lmfao)

Romancing SaGa 3 honestly has such a great cast XD I really really really want to see a Minstrel-Song-style remake of this game...

Here's a cool pic of him from imsaga as well:

Though that's the art for the weaker version of him (most characters have two versions, a common one that is weak, and then a rare one that is stronger)

Of course, my FAV chara from RSG3 is Tiberius:

Who I'm still bitter isn't playable in imsaga -_-; Every other RSG3 character is playable, as well as like 5 or 6 NPCs... but not Tiberius who is a player character and part of a major/memorable quest???

I'm also quite fond of Herman:

He's the one I almost got in the gacha lol.

I guess while I'm at it, here's Wod:

Who is also my default lj icon lol.

That makes up my whole RSG3 fuzzy-face harem XDD

I'd really like to do a romasaga3 play diary? I think it would motivate me to actually finish the game (I keep getting kinda far but not really and never finishing it lol). But yeah maybe I'll do that when I finish unsaga diary.

I have had the weak versions of all of them in imsaga (well, not Tiberius since he doesn't exist) but Nise-Robin is my first strong one <3 <3 I have to be careful to train him well the first time so I don't have to like... do the resets or whatever X_X His stats are bad, though.

It's hard to really describe but... your stat gains are random, but after so many quests, your stats stop raising. And then each stat has a growth rate for each character, and there's also a max for each stat. Basically his potential for defense is HUGE but his other stats are bad. Which... in this game, you pretty much just want tons of speed and attack. I guess there are moments where defense would be nice but they are few and far between. Still, I'm gonna raise him up the best I can... he also has a sword (which is a weapon I don't have ANYONE of high rank with, so that's cool).

Anyway, the TV went off so I'm going to sleep now. The only other thing I was really going to say is that I finished geometry (though I think I said that) in KA and have been doing algebra more. Today I practiced anew like 13 squares/skills or so. So hopefully I can master them quickly.

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-04 03:10 am

today was a day

I did like nothing????

I set up a picarto.tv account and made some new commission prices, based on how long I predict certain amounts of work to take at $10/hr

and that's about it

a lot of sitting around

lots of tumblr and facebook lol

I kept meaning to do things all day but never did.

I did manage to get a little KA in. I did the mastery challenge for my last skill I needed in geometry and now I've 100%d geometry lol.

I decided to move on to the rest of algebra instead of going to trig next. the advanced algebra stuff is pretty fun though so it's nbd

i can't stream or anything on the weekends so this weekend i need to make sure i'm working on the comic and the programming course

i decided i am indeed going to split everything up into smaller entries after reading a thing about accessibility -- keeping everything organized into smaller chunks that are less intimidating and distracting would make it more accessible to people with certain kinds of disabilities and stuff so...

i need to play more on my mythe game in unsaga too XD it's not that i don't want to play, I've just been doing other stuff and figured i would play it when i needed a break or whatever but I've just been doing the other stuff and haven't really gotten around to playing it lol. someone has been talking on the imsaga board and it makes me want to play that too lolol

our water cooler thing broke sort of? so it's not giving out cold water anymore, just... water. i mean it's ncie to at least have filtered water buttttttt

i noticed that after a while of purposely not typing capital i's, autocorrect just decided to stop doing that for me lol. i guess it realized i wanted 'em little. actually i just don't care enough to press shift right now XD (even though i literally had to press it for the XD lol...) <--(and these parentheses lolol)

overall today tho i felt very unenergetic and unmotivated. i didn't really have an appetite and it was hard to get out of bed. felt uncomfortable and tired all day. kinda a shame since I've been feeling fairly enthusiastic at the very least recently. hopefully it was just a one-day funk!

also i had more vivid dreams but I've forgotten everything this time. i didn't even bother trying to remember last night's, though, because i felt horrible waking up and didn't care about anything lolol.

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-03 04:47 am

so I just saw a picture of Donald Trump and thought 'oh he's kinda handsome there'

sOO uh that's the end for me. it was nice knowing everyone. don't forget your umbrella when you leave.


Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-03 04:29 am
OK so I went on the Spectrobes tag on tumblr and like... there's actually a lot of stuff in there?! And like I even found this tumblr with tons of art on it.

But like... of course there was almost no art of Commander Grant T_T So I suddenly felt an incredible motivation to draw him (why can't I have this motivation all the time?)

And so here's some Grant heads lol

Because honestly I can only draw faces somewhat decently XD

Also the angry one doesn't really look like him and looks more like Lyndon Johnson LOLOL

And then, of course, I made an ... improved version:

And uh, if you want to know how pathetic I am, just by drawing the mustache on the first one... I got physically aroused LOL. Like I literally got hard over like... scribbling little marks on a cartoon face. This is my life :))))

But uhhhhh Mustache Grant is amazing?!?!? like seriously it doesn't look like Grant any more but he's so hot XD I'm dying squirtle

So my new headcanon is that... immediately after the events of the games... and before and after the events of the games... he grows a mustache LMFAO. Since he canonically doesn't have one in the game 9_9;;; but yeah after he gets a little older (post-Origins flashbacks) I figure he'd try out this style and then around the time the first game starts, he shaves it to be stupid like Alex Trebek, and then after the last game ends he grows it back because he realized shaving it was dumb yay. Also I'll just headcanon him as wearing glasses casually (like, always wears contacts to work or out places, but when he's just chilling in his quarters or whatever and like in the morning before butting them in, he wears the glasses XD)

Other than this and that long Pokémon entry I accomplished much of nothing today XD

I'm so tired TuT

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-11-02 09:20 pm

So, I decided to make this little primer for dreamingmystic but I guess anyone can use it if they want. I will try not to be long-winded but YOU KNOW ME

Getting into training strong Pokémon is kind of hard because there's tons of information and choices. You can do a lot of work to make them tournament-level strong, which takes a ton of effort, but some people just want to do it casually -- making them strong but without TOO much work and understanding. Then if you enjoy it you can choose to learn more. That's what this guide is for.

It is SUPER LONG LOLCollapse )

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-10-31 11:19 pm
Well, I finally got around to watching The Nth Degree. I was really excited about it because it's a Barclay episode but... it ended up being... underwhelming. Most of the episode had Barclay under essentially a mental reprogramming, so it wasn't really him, just... aliens using his body. I like Barclay for who he is, so... the very beginning and very end were nice but the rest of the episode was like... sad I guess XD

The next episode is the Robin Hood one XD

IDK what I want to do for the rest of the night lol. I streamed earlier but I didn't feel like doing much.

I got the Clean Bill of Health cheevo in FF9 on stream lololol. The chat was pretty inactive and people kept coming and then leaving immediately, and I super didn't feel like playing anything lol. I wanted to play DR2 on stream, but my computer was like NO NO NO and couldn't process the video fast enough to stream so the framerate on the viewers' side was really low, even though it ran well enough for me T_T

I really want a new computer D:

I have a skin tag in like... the most inconvenient place? It gets twisted up by like... sitting or walking around and it hurts lol X_X; It just appeared recently, like I think I noticed it yesterday or a couple days ago. I have tons of skin tags but the others are harmless.

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-10-31 01:40 pm
Last night I had yet another vivid dream. I mean, I dream vividly a lot, but I seem to be having long/memorable ones recently.

I wasn't really thinking of anything like multiverse theory or whatever much, though I did read a tumblr post that said "There exists an alternate timeline in which America unanimously voted Vermin Supreme as President" or something like that.

Anyway, in the dream, I had had my consciousness shifted into the body of an alternate-timeline version of me, in which I lived in that same giant dorm castle tower thing that I've talked about before (the one where JSB was there last time lol). I was in the process of moving out, though? And there was a lot of walking around. BTW, I've forgotten a lot of the dream by now, again, since I didn't make too much effort to remember it this morning, and have done many things since then XD

Anyway, the main point is that I was friends/roommates with Coby Fleener, and I was a very outgoing, successful, and driven person lmao.

It made me wonder -- what if the reverse had happened? What if an alternate timeline me shifted their consciousness into the current IRL me? Let's say that doing this gives you both sets of memories -- so you'd have both the original memories from your original timeline, and the memories of your self from the timeline you shifted into. And let's say that these timelines were parallel until a certain point, like around 2005. I'd have memories of things that didn't happen at all in the past decade, but also all these memories of things that seem sort of surreal and conflict with all the memories I'm accustomed to. Let's also imagine that the timeline shift involved time travel, so it was maybe like a botched experiment in 2040 that sent me back to 2016 in an alternate timeline, which had diverged from the original timeline around 2005. We're not assuming that everything outside of my bubble would have stayed the same, since after the point of divergence, any and all aspects of the entire universe would become divergent, so the decade would have played out quite differently.

Anyway, let's say alt-timeline me had developed into a socially successful person who had overcome disability and whatever, and was now faced with living like I am now, with the state of society being the way it is now.

It just seems like an interesting prompt for fiction. I was mostly entertaining this thought after waking up which is why I forgot most of the dream lol.

But I wonder what it would be like? I'm also assuming that I would realize this was going to happen. Like it wouldn't have been a possibility that I had mentally prepared for or expected in any way, so I would be pretty terrified, suddenly waking up on the floor of this apartment that I'd never been in before, surrounded by outdated technology.

I was wondering how I would come to figure out (or at least theorize about) what had happened, and figure out when in time I was. I'd probably struggle with all the conflicting memories, which would at least give me a general sense of time, even though it would feel wrong, like a dejavu or hallucination at first. I'd also probably feel like I needed to get out of the apartment? I'd probably feel a lot of danger. But maybe I'd try to use the computer -- it's hard to imagine exactly what the conflicting memories would do. I would just "somehow know" this was my room and my computer and stuff. Maybe it would feel like a dream? But I'd eventually realize it wasn't.

IDK it's kinda hard to imagine, really. The more I think about it, the less sense it makes and the harder it is to really fathom what it would be like.

Today I'm gonna stream later, if I can. I might do Dead Rising 2.

Also, happy birthday to thenicochan!!!

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-10-31 12:35 am
OK apparently LDH was "caught" using bribery to buy JSB's winning of Japan Music Awards and now the president of LDH is resigning lol.........................

But like... all those kinds of award show things are won by bribes...? Is it just a big deal because this one got a lot of public attention???



Thaao Hanshew
2016-10-31 12:29 am
I had a super weird dream last night but now I can hardly remember any of it. I wanted to write it this morning but I didn't really have time to because I did KA and then took a shower and watched the Colts game and then ... kept doing things basically and forgot about the dream and then JUST REMEMBERED.

But it was another mostly-third-person dream, but this time it was about a boy named Yuki and like, there was some kind of... huge apocalyptic disaster? Like these big waves crashed everywhere and like, idk, destroyed the Earth LOL but it didn't like flood just... everyone died and things were messy looking??? And like, he moved around, and people put potato chip bags in front of houses that no one was occupying, so you could tell if someone was occupying a house because there'd be no chip bag LOL. IDK, it actually made a lot of sense in the dream and was very linear and had a huge story but now I forget all of it but these random details... X_X I wish I could remember it now.

Today I had this SUPER DRAMATIC word problem on KA that literally started with "Only one remains." and I was dying:

I'm almost done with Geometry at this point. I think I'll finish it in a few days. Well, I should finish all the practice in 1-2 days, and then I'll have to do several master challenges to actually 100% it.

I was going to move on to trigonometry, but I think I might go back and pick up all the algebra stuff? I love trig and triangles but I do also love algebra and I feel like it will fill in the squares "in order" on the big map thing.

I started writing the game programming course, but I haven't published anything yet. The first 'project' the course will work through is just a number guessing game. I have multiple ideas for the future projects, so I need to really think about which will be best for learning the next set of concepts.

I wanted to get some drawing done this weekend, too (on the comic) but Dens interrupts me sooooo much that I hardly had time to do anything. Other than that little bit last night I worked on the programming course, this is my first time really having any time to do anything at all this weekend, and I have to go to bed in the next 2 hours lol.

I think I'mma try to stream tomorrow most of the day? Like a 'Halloween special' lmfao. I might play DR2? But IDK how well it will stream. Might be a bit much on the ol' processor. I don't think I really have any other monster/horror-themed games? WAIT LOL I have like RE4 and RE:Rev, PvZ, Afterfall Insanity... XD I also just got Dead Space from Dels, but I don't have the drive space for it right now (I reaaaalllllyyyyy need to clean up my drive but like... there's not much more I can delete?! My drive is just very small lol)

JSB has a new video and it's terrible. But Naoki is in it so I can forgive them. I have been largely unimpressed with JSB for a while now, and then I realize that I only really like a couple of their songs and the only reason I even really like them is because NAOKIIII and Ryuji too I guess. I mean I like all the members but if it was not for Naoki I would never have gotten into them?

DOBERMAN INFINITY has a new song/vid out too and it's... not so great, but there's a long part of nothing but Kubo-C so I can forgive that, too, I guess... But overall I just think the song... doesn't sound good? Like I feel like they're just trying to like... shove lyrics together and whatever, and the raps don't sound rhythmic enough??? And then I don't like the whole contrast with Kazuki's vocals, like... I guess it's supposed to be cool but it's just jarring to me idk. The whole thing just sounds like noise instead of music to me and I don't like it LOL. But Kubo-C! Even Ga Ga summer with its obnoxious and somewhat annoying MV was still fun to listen to. Plus it STARTED with Kubo-C hahaha.

Honestly I'm just generally disappointed by everything LDH/EXILE TRIBE, and I only really follow these groups because I want to perv over hot members??

Morning's new vid is bad, too, lol. It's not horrible, it's just... underwhelming. It's not what I want, I guess XD The song is kinda starting to grow on me (because despite being disappointed in it, I listen to it over and over lol) but I still wouldn't say I really like it? And the video is just... idk, long and annoying. Like haha they are acting like cats why do we need 5 whole minutes of this.

I'm starting to thing Haga is soooo cute though. I really love all of 12ki. I think this is probably my most liked generation overall, of all time. 4ki, 5ki, and 6ki are all really great, too, but... with each of those, there were some members that were like AMAZING BEST GREAT and then others that were really great but not at THAT level, and 12ki is just EVERYONE LOVE WONDERFUL YES

ANGERME is really the only idol group that is actually consistently satisfying me these days LOL. Oh, Country Girls have been on-point, too. And Magnolia Factory but like they haven't been doing much :\

Oh yeah I guess I should talk about the Colts game. But uh. It was just really horrible and sad and I don't even have anything to say??? TY Hilton got hurt and I was so worried. But yeah everyone did bad so I can't even say like 'well at least one of my boyfriends did this cool thing' lol. Actually Eric Walden may have gotten a cool sack or something idk it was just so bad.

The headline on the official website is even "Colts take step back after biggest loss of 2016" AND WE'VE HAD A LOT OF BIG LOSSES so uhhh lol.

While I was watching, I was kinda dicking around on tumblr on my phone and then found that like... it wasn't connecting to the wifi so I used like all my data for the month in like 3 minutes LOL (I don't get a lot of data lol). And I haven't been able to get it to connect to the wifi at all since then? I turned it off earlier and meant to turn it back on to see if that "fixed it" but I forgot to turn it back on oops.

OK, seems to be working now. Weird.

I think I'mma just sleep now lol.

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-10-29 08:13 pm
We ate White Castle today :D!! And got ghost pepper sliders so it was great ^^

I think I'm going to start working on my 'how to program' tutorial thing, which is intended to be like a track to get a foundation of programming only through creating games, with the end goal of being able to develop games in Unity. Instead of focusing on learning programming through a bunch of theoretical situations, business software, example applications that do nothing practical, etc., it will focus on simply making games that grow increasingly complex, only using tools that are used in Unity development.

So it will avoid some topics you learn about programming, which can be researched on your own if you want to learn about them, but still give all the foundations for understanding object-oriented programming and how games are put together, without anything extraneous.

With that and the comic and my unsaga play, and streaming sometimes, I should be pretty busy lol.

I'm also still doing KA:

I have a 21-day stream going XD I want to get the achievement for 100 days... I'm already 1/5 of the way there...!! ( ;;; )

But yeah I filled in all those missing squares from the top. I'm doing geometry right now which is positioned after EVERYTHING algebra-related, so it's filling things in out-of-order -_-;;;

I've been having to do a lot of difficult stuff recently on there... like... well, actually very easy stuff, but I have to do a lot of multi-step problems and I often misread the instructions or mess up some kind of simple calculation in my head (like 64 + 9 = 75... I did that exact mistake like 3 separate times X_X) that screws the whole thing up. Or I forget a sign or make a typo while typing the answer >_> A really common thing I do is that a certain type of practice will ask for area like 4 times in a row, then next time ask for perimeter, and I'll just find area instead... because I won't even read the question X_X I've started forcing myself to underline what it's asking for, and for multiple-step things, I even write out like a little formula for the solution lol.

Like recently there have been these things like... where you're given some kind of coordinates for points and you have to figure out what would be the most direct route, and then it will ask 'what is the difference in meters between the direct route and the long route' or something, and I'll instead just give the length of the direct route... so I'll write out like LIR1 + LIR2 - LDR near the answer thing so I remember to do that ("length of indirect route 1" etc) and like circle the parts I need to remember LOL

I had a bunch of things I wanted to say but I forgot??

Also I started watching Hunter x Hunter... the uh, one that's on Netflix (apparently there are multiple HxH animes?) and it's cool but I kinda already forgot about it haha. But there are a lot of fun character designs and it's one of those kinds of stories that make no sense and you're just supposed to accept whatever it says, like Kingdom Hearts XDD so I'm enjoying it so far.

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Thaao Hanshew
2016-10-28 11:38 am

So, Mythe helped Michelle with her problem and now he's decided to follow Silver Girl through whatever she desires. And she desires to go dig up Iskandar's corpse or something, so it's back to the mausoleum once again.

But, why not travel around the whole world accomplishing random adventurous feats that have nothing to do with this goal?!


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Thaao Hanshew
2016-10-27 03:50 pm

Dead Rising 2 is on sale on the Humble Store for $6 USD. I had some humble wallet credit so I got it for $5. It's... a bit much to spend for me right now but it's DR and this is the cheapest it's ever been. I think it's some kind of Halloween sale?

Anyway, the game has co-op multiplayer (2 players only) and a weird 4-player gameshow thing (I've never tried it really).

I have it on PS3 but I can't really play my PS3 anymore because I don't have a TV, plus I like playing games on PC anymore anyway...

I never really played DR2 much but I got all the achievements in the first one on 360. It's a really cool game and DR2 looks just as good. You don't have to play them in order AFAIK.

The game runs great on my laptop, which I was worried about, because some other big Capcom games run slow, even Resident Evil 4 which is much older than Dead Rising 2 (but I'm guessing RE4 is just a bad port).

Here's some screenies of Chuck because I love him very much, and a few little things about the game:

Read more...Collapse )

Anyway, that's my little intro to DR2. I would play co-op if anyone wants to! I've never done it before. But it might take a decent computer to run it so check the requirements before you buy it of course. (Somehow LJ like cut out a big part of the original paragraph here so I just typed a shorter version lol)

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